JoBLO: Hot Or Not

Yesterday, Briana was featured in JoBlo’s Hot Or Not Feature.  This is what they had to say about her:

Seems as if everyone’s on board with the hotness of Ellie Kemper, who got mostly all positive, babe-next-door comments last week. Now that the time in the summer of 2014 has arrived for me, meaning the weekend that the next STEP UP movie is getting released, I can rest easy that the season has been good. Will its star receive as much praise from you?

2008 was the first time that the real life daughter of one of “My Two Dads” got a movie role. Briana, daughter of Greg Evigan, had been solely a dancer with only a couple of short film appearances when she was cast in STEP UP 2: THE STREETS. Between that instant charm she had on screen, her slick dancing and her sensational tummy, I was won over pretty much instantly.

Sadly, Briana hasn’t been able to get too much off the ground with her acting career, enjoying mostly a smattering of crappy horror flicks (the SORORITY ROW reboot, anyone? the crappy “sequel” to DONNIE DARKO, S. DARKO?) that she doesn’t even get nekkid in. She’s persisting and thankfully she’s returning to my guilty pleasure enterprise with STEP UP: ALL IN.

My response to the Hot or Not question is a total duh. Of course I think Briana is a certifiable babe. Great face (made even more adorable when she graces the camera with one of her full-on smiles), insane body and a casual girl’s girl personality. But this isn’t all about what I think.


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