Hi, guys. I hope all my visitors are good and don’t have the annoying flu that is going around the Uk :evil: (where I live). I am currently doing major updates around the site. I will update this post as i do more things.

  • All project statuses have been updated to the best of my knowledge, including links to the gallery and information.
  • Icon area has been edited, i will make icons through the week.
  • Added some cute silk icons, along with a smilie toolbar.
  • Currently working on editing the movie info pages
  • Added a credits, listed at and about pages to the ‘site’ area.

:D More updates are coming soon.

Briana’s New Year’s Eve

Briana was at the ‘Fergie Hosts New Year’s Eve At LAVO In The Palazzo And The Venetian’ Party for New years Eve, pictured along side Max Nash. I have found some images of her at the event, they have been uploaded to the gallery, here.

I hope everyone had a great 2008, and have an even better 2009.

The 10 Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2009

At shock till you drop, they have posted a list of the 10 most anticipated horror films of 2009, closer to the top were films such as final destination 4 and friday the 13th.

9.) Burning Bright (Photo): Hopefully actress Briana Evigan has caught up on all of the Discovery Channel’s nature specials because here she’s going from Step Up 2 the Streets to being caught in a house during a hurricane with her autistic brother and a big, hungry tiger. How? I don’t friggin’ know…but I’m dying to see how it plays out. Carlos Brooks of Quid Pro Quo stirs this wild stew.

• Opens: TBA
• Once known as: Tiger, Tiger
• Why I’m excited: One film I dig is Venom with Klaus Kinski. It’s a tight thriller that has kidnappers and a child with asthma trapped in a house with a Black Mamba snake. They can’t go outside or they’ll get arrested by the police; if they stay inside there’s always the potential of being bitten by the Black Mamba. There are threats all around and the tension is palpable. Burning Bright appears to capture that same essence. Instead of the cops, there’s a hurricane. A kid with asthma is replaced with one with autism. And instead of a snake, why the hell not make the threat larger like with a tiger? This equation sounds amazing to me.
• Then again… There’s a lot of potential to f**k it all up.


S. Darko Information

The movie “S.Darko” is set to be released on July 10, 2009.

S. Darko takes place in the summer of 1995, seven years after the original film. It follows Donnie Darko’s younger sister, Samantha (Daveigh Chase), who, in the wake of his death, has found herself at age 17 with a broken family, mired in feelings of insignificance. She and her best friend Corey (Briana Evigan) set off on a road trip to Hollywood in a bid to ‘make it big’, but their journey is cut short when their car breaks down unexpectedly, leaving them stranded in a small desert town. When a meteorite happens to crash-land nearby, Samantha is plagued by bizarre visions telling of the universe’s end and it appears that their breakdown was part of some grander plan. When she finds out she was actually adopted by the Darkos, and that she is in no way related to Donnie, she must face her own demons and, in doing so, save the world and herself.

New Features

Its nearing Christmas and college are letting us off homework, kind of.  So, I decided to add more things to the site.  I’ll start with the sidebar, i have moved the fanlisting from the old Briana Web, over here so we are all in one place, Im going to be adding some briana quotes soon and I’ll start making some icons soon.  I also updated Briana’s Current Projects and added a spotlight video.  Featured is Briana in the Linkpark video, Numb.

I have added images of Briana at the recent Warner Loughlin Studios Holiday Charity Event, and i did bring the gallery layout over from the other site, but its disappeared.  I’ll find it soon.

I have also added a lot of new pages to the Information section, including a large biography, family information, facts and trivia, interviews.  I have some additions to make on the site, career and media sections.  Look out for them over christmas.

Adopted and News

Hi this is Fay, I have just adopted beviganfan.com.  I little bit about me, im 17 (18 in february), i live in england and i have been designing websites for nearly 2 years, check out my personal site here.  I have been of Briana since Step Up 2, which an awesome film.

Last week, i adopted brianaevigan.fan-sites.org, which I am going to move all of the content over here.  I will keep this layout for a while, i think because its quite nice.  I will also be adding affiliationally, quotationally and a latest images script, as most of my sites function with these.

Watch this site!