Another mini-budget pic, Burning Bright

They still do make movies for under $10 million, believe it or not. Most of them go direct to video, but you never know. Another of these mini budget (as opposed to micro-budget, under $1 million) pictures is to shooting at Universal Studios. Burning Bright is the title. Wayne Morris, the Rush Hour vet who was in on Sydney White, Ace Ventura Jr, that recent Beethoven movie and the awful Bring in On: In it To Win It, all filmed here, is involved as executive producer. Briana Evigan, daughter of Greg and star of that last Disney gotta dance musical, Step Up 2: The Streets, is the star. Carlos Brooks will direct. He did Quid Pro Quo, which went almost (it earned $7,400 in theaters) direct-to-video (I have it on my DVD player, may catch it tonight, kinda a younger version of the David Cronenberg Crash, if the trailers are to be believed). Burning Bright is the story of a young woman and her autistic brother trapped in a house with a tiger during a hurricane.