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Briana in ‘Mine Games’

Richard Gray, the director of Summer Coda, will helm the psychological horror-thriller, Mine Games. An American production, the story follows a group of friends that make a disturbing discovery in an abandoned mine. When time begins to go backwards and loop over itself, the group realises that one of them will lead to the death of the others.

In my opinion, it is great to see Australian talent getting recognised for their strong handle of the medium and being able to reach a broader audience.

The film is to be produced by Zero Gravity, who were responsible the cult movie Malice in Wonderland, and Yellow Brick productions. Preproduction begins in June with shooting said to start late this year in the state of Washington.

Source: atthecinema

Might & Fright Film Festival Judges

Los Angeles, CA, May 9, 2011.  Might & Fright Film Festival is proud to announce this year’s panel of judges.  The list includes Lena Headey, Jon Schnepp, Jimmy Palmiotti, Brianna Evigan and Jim Krueger. It is definitely an all-star lineup of people coming from the worlds of Comics, TV, & Film. We believe that the group of judges we have assembled for the inaugural Film Festival shows that this will be a fun-filled weekend that the fans can really support with their creative and innovative entries. The judges and organizers of Might & Fright Film Festival are excited to see what the fans are doing in today’s world of short films.


Briana Evigan is an American actress and dancer, best known for her leading roles in “Step Up 2: The Streets,” “Sorority Row,” “S. Darko,” Burning Bright,” and most recently the horror film “Mother’s Day” by “Saw II” director Darren Bousman.

Read the Rest of the Article and Press Release:  IAmRogue

Evigan & Rosales infects Newport Beach Film Festival with ‘Subject: I Love You’

It was a warm breezy afternoon as the crowd coming all the way from Alaska, Las Vegas and other parts of the world, began to form waiting patiently for the Filipino heartthrob Jericho Rosales to arrive at his first international World Premiere film of “Subject: I Love You” with the stunningly beautiful co-star Briana Evigan during the Newport Beach Film Festival this past Saturday, April 30, 2011.

Fans began to line up 2 hours before the start of the film at the Lido theaters as others who rushed the theatre box office hoping to purchase tickets to the sold out show which also featured a q&a with the cast along with director Francis dela Torre.

Arriving wearing classy casual fashion in a black luxury sports car, Jericho and Briana were immediately swarmed by fans wanting to get a glimpse of the lovely on screen couple.

In the film, Jericho plays Victor who becomes smitten with nightclub DJ Butterfly (played by Briana). After Victor and Butterfly lose contact with each other. Victor’s cousin Nicky (Dante Basco) helps enlists a tech geek Choy (Gary Valenciano) to help find Butterfly through email which brings Victor more than the search of love he was expecting.

Back on the carpet, Rosales and Evigan were joined with Briana’s family. Greg Evigan said that he heard the scuba diving is great while sister Vanessa added, “Makes you want to fall in love.”

Source (+ rest of article): Examiner
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Burning Bright Captures

Burning Bright > Screen Captures

Finally, I have added those long awaited Burning Bright Captures, there is a total of 1190 captures. Alongside Briana, Garret Dillahunt and Charlie Tahanalso star in the film.

In Montgomery County, Kelly Taylor is ready to go to college and takes her autistic brother, Tom, to a specialized institution. However, the bank informs her that she does not have sufficient funds in her account to honor her check. Her stepfather, Johnny Gaveneau, withdrew the money from her account the day before. When Kelly arrives home, Johnny reveals that he used the money to buy a tiger for his ‘safari show’ project. In addition he has the house reinforced, in order to protect it from hurricanes, so all the windows and external doors are covered with wood. When Kelly awakes, she finds that the starving tiger is inside the house and Tom and she are trapped with the ravenous animal.

New Themes

Today, instead of revising and making websites for my university work.  I decided we need a bit of a re-vamp on the site.  We have a new theme here on the main site and in the gallery. I will also be working on the media area of the site (as promised months ago)  in the next few weeks, i just need to get my exam over and done with.

The header features a few images from the still images we recieved over a year ago, of the film Subject: I Love You.   I have just finished capping Burning Bright, and I shall upload these very soon.

Events update

I have added 3 new events to the gallery, which Briana has attended over the past few months.  But, I just did not have the time to add to the gallery.  Links Below.

“Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” premiere, Los Angeles

Kari Feinstein’s Academy Awards Style Lounge

2011 Beverly Hills Film Festival

I have also just realised Burning Bright Captures are not in the gallery.  Sorry about that guys.  Im gonna find them now….they are somewhere here.

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