New Themes

Today, instead of revising and making websites for my university work.  I decided we need a bit of a re-vamp on the site.  We have a new theme here on the main site and in the gallery. I will also be working on the media area of the site (as promised months ago)  in the next few weeks, i just need to get my exam over and done with.

The header features a few images from the still images we recieved over a year ago, of the film Subject: I Love You.   I have just finished capping Burning Bright, and I shall upload these very soon.

fuckyeahbrianaevigan Tumblr

I have been on tumblr for nearly two years now, but never really thought about owning one for Briana.  However, today is the day, that I decided to make one.  I have just queued like 100’s of images, videos, fanart etc.

You can also ask me questions and submit your own images, quotes, fanart etc. So go follow us….